Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Win number 16

I won a $100 dollar gift card to the online store: A Much Better Store. The specialize in organic, healthy and responsible parenting supplies! Think slings, cloth diapers, and nursing supplies just to name a few! I couldn't believe it, what a way to start my morning, SHOPPING! I got a sling and some teething bling (jewelery your baby can put in it's mouth and it won't hurt them or drive you nuts!) Before you comment about how you hate me Val, I totally used my left over money (it was actually hard to spend it all) to get you a little something something too!

The sling I picked out, one less thing for us to buy, AWESOME!

Teething Bling, I got a necklace and bracelet!

Update: I absolutely love my sling, I use it all the time to calm the baby, he likes it too! the teething bling isn't needed yet but it came nicely packaged and looks great, I wore the bracelet already and my son doesn't even have teeth.

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