Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Win number 2

I have become addicted to entering Mom blog giveaway contests, I do as many as I can a day. It's fun and I get to learn about all the cool stuff that makes Mom's lives easier! Boston Mamas held a giveaway that was sponsored by swaddleDesigns.com they make the ultimate swaddle blankets and some other fine baby products! I commented about their cool designs and stylist colors and my number came up so my comment was choosen and viola! I am the winner of the burp clothes! I will be sure to post a picture when they come in the mail!

Update: Turns out after I asked for the blue ones I got them, even though the blog owner pointed out to me that the contest was for pink ones, not a big deal. I would have used pink anyways. I still have these and love them! they are super chic and work well. I use them so much they now have stains, they are my favorite burp clothes after my organic cotton ones!

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